Sunday, 22 March 2009

So where the hell have we been..? (Take 2)

Have finally updated the website today after an even longer lapse than last time... Same old, same old... have been horribly busy with the day job.

We are, in truth, not taking very many dogs at the moment because of this, but of course the ones we are taking are crackers... (in a good way, not a mad-as-a-bag-of-snakes way). Cruelty case Jet arrived with us last week and is currently residing at BRX HQ - a resilient young girl who is amazingly trusting given her history (what little of it we know). Just down the road from us we have lookalike Max, a less resilient youngster who is still looking for his forever home as we rehomed him to a family where he is an only dog when it turns out this lad needs the company of another dog to give him confidence. He's not a real scaredy-cat - but he does get a little anxious and clingy on his own and would undoubtedly be happier with another four-legged companion. Coming in soon is Nero, a very handsome chap from West Cork who is a classic black retriever x - fun and boisterous with it.

Who else? Ah yes, the gorgeous Ryan - another looker who I am feeling very guilty about. Ryan arrived in December and is being fostered by Sheila near Heathrow. It's not often our foster homes end up having a dog for so long (honest!), but what with my being so busy, poor Sheila still has this boy three months on. Hopefully, with the new pictures showing what a stunner he is, he will be snapped up soon.

Finally, we still have Jake with us.. and he may end up being a permanent member of the family as we're making ridiculous demands about what kind of home he goes to. He has almost the perfect life here: large garden, other dogs to play with, huge walks on Salisbury Plain every day (that's him at the top and, below, with our Boz) and I confess he gets to sleep on the bed (the only one of the gang who does, although Tickle sometimes sneaks on for a while). Not quite sure how Jake gets away with it as he's huge. Fortunately, it's Jon he tends to push out of bed. But there is one way in which Jake's life is not quite perfect - and that is that he has to share me with a lot of other dogs. If a home came up that could offer Jake what he has here, plus a bit more individual attention, I would give the big fella a huge hug and send him on his way.

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Glad you're back !